Inspired by the interconnections and stories told within a single weave, Iwan Maktabi celebrate Abu Dhabi’s rich heritage by interpreting the ornate craft of carpet weaving through a one-of-a-kind installation designed by Anoud Al Zaben that juxtaposes the gleaming fishing nets of the early morning with the unique and wild flora of the coast, mangroves and deserts of the UAE.

Pairing a rare, museum-worthy checkerboard carpet woven in Mamlouk Cairo around 1550 AD with German carpet designer Jan Kath’s (@jankathofficial) elaborate rendition of those Mamlouk carpets from his Erased Heritage collection with Raya Kassisieh’s handwoven copper mesh.

A Weaver’s Dream celebrates the past, present and future of the craft lensed through the UAE time-honoured connection with water

Curated by Architectural Digest Middle East, Art of Living 2022 takes place 15-23 October 2022 in Jubail Island, Abu Dhabi.