Iwan Maktabi Debuts

“Terminal G” during Dubai Design Week

A curated collection of collectible carpets and woven objects inspired by the culture of the Arabian Gulf, designed by local creatives

Dubai, UAE- September 2022: Iwan Maktabi, the leading destination for rare antique carpets and textile, as well as modern and designer carpets, , introduces “Terminal G” at Dubai Design Week in D3 Building 9 this November. The first of its kind curated collection of carpets commissioned by a local brand that is developed by creatives from five countries of the Gulf region: Bahrain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

Iwan Maktabi collaborated with Design Curator and Creative Director Samer Yamani to build the narrative of a design collection that represents the Gulf region’s culture through a contemporary lens.

 Sketches for the Taghrouda collection

“Iwan Maktabi has always had its roots firmly planted in the region and “Terminal G” was an intrinsic concept to highlight current Khaliji creative expressions through the art of weaving carpets from local artists. Exploring topics and regional beliefs that have not been truly presented in a contemporary way, while challenging the status quo. A mission that reflects our commitment to contribute to the cultural dialogue by shedding light on contemporary design in the region.” comments Mohamed Maktabi, CEO and Co-founder of Iwan Maktabi.

G for Gulf, “Terminal G” represents a journey and sparks a dialogue around today's topics in the gulf region. The concept focuses on the art of weaving and sources inspiration from GCC cultures while introducing a new narrative of diverse local stories with their subtle nuances. Each creative is assigned a technique, visual reference, and topic to guide their conceptualization. Topics cover traveling rituals, local topography, the relationship of a city and its dwellers, nostalgia, tradition and much more through the works of the following regional creatives.


Afra and Sheikha Bin Dhaher from the UAE presenting the “Taghrouda” collection at DDW with 3 floor carpets and 1 wall hanging.

Aseel  AlYaqoub from Kuwait presenting the “Water Memory” collection at DDW with a wall hanging and floor carpets, one of which is handmade using sustainable material

Architects Independent from Qatar

Bahraini-Danish from Bahrain

Ibrahim Al-Jaidah from Qatar

Sultan Bin Fahad from KSA presenting the “Delights” collection at DDW with limited edition carpets.

“The Gulf region is known for its ambitious economies and fast-growing cities, which impacts its lifestyle and interactions. The modern infrastructure and active aviation scene, the ease of mobility between the GCC cities, creates a dialogue around today's common subjects like local identity, water desalination, architecture, and urbanism, among others.  “Terminal G” is a unique presentation of contemporary Khaliji culture through the eyes of its creatives using the art of weaving carpets as a medium of expression.” adds Samer Yamani - Curator and Creative Director of “Terminal G”.


In the Presence of creatives and curator, during Dubai Design Week, “Terminal G” reveals the works of Afra and Sheikha Bin Dhaher (UAE) presenting “Taghrouda” collection, Aseel AlYaqoub (KWT) presenting the “Water Memory “collection, and Sultan Bin Fahad (KSA) presenting the “Delights” collection.