Terminal G lands in Qatar!

This time, to present Qatari Architect, Ibrahim Jaidah's AL THUMAMA capsule collection at Studio 7

The architect, Ibrahim Jaidah, was commissioned by IWAN MAKTABI to design a capsule carpet collection inspired by the patterns of Al Thumama Stadium. The designs of the carpets highlight the flow of the patterns that wraps the stadium’s bowl. While the circular carpets translate the form of the roof which expresses a stimulating play of rhomboid shapes that radiates around the center.

The collection integrates an abstracted patterns with a minimal color scheme for a timeless style.

Al Thumama Stadium is considered one of the iconic FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM stadiums, since it represents a clear connection to the culture of the people.

Al Thumama stadium is called after its context, Al Thumama city, which indicates the name of the plant that grows in that area.

The concept of Al Thumama Stadium architecture is inspired by the Gahfiya, a traditional headwear in the Gulf region. The Gahfiya is an artisanal circular woven cap comprised of different patterns; made of lightweight material to keep the head cool and protected from the sun.

The Gahfiya’s design is an intricate interplay between utility and artisanship which offers many design possibilities.

Al Thumama Stadium is an epitome of culturally- inspired contemporary architecture.

The architect of this unique architectural piece, Ibrahim M. Jaidah, has explored the different patterns of the Gahfiyas with its numerous variations. He reinterpreted and refined the final design into an aesthetically pleasing pattern yet executed in a practical manner that fits the architectural scale of
the stadium.

His design signifies the Gahfiya embroidery as a fusion of detailed woven
geometrical shapes that creates a simple pattern.

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