Antique Bakhshayesh  carpet Rare and unusual Mosque Design
ca 1870
We rarely know of any carpet of such large size, in white color made in Bakhshayesh that has as an elaborate design such as the one seen on this carpet.

The design is a true-to life architectural depiction of a mosque . The main dome, with raised standards of the qajar royal family (the Qajar period, is when this carpet was woven)is well drawn with two minarets flanking it. The Mihrab appears on the center, under the dome, in all its details, and a monumental mosque lamp hanging from its center. The staircase leading to the minaret  (usually used by the muezzin for the call to prayer) is also well represented. The bricks façade of the minarets and the dome are faithfully depicted.
Carpets with mosque, mihrab, and mosque lamp depictions are usually prayer carpets. But the size of prayer carpets is usually the size to fit one person. This monumental piece , while having all the elements of a prayer carpet is ten times larger than any prayer carpet we know.
Experts think this might have been a unique and personal royal prayer carpet. Woven for one high ranking royalty ( a prince, a vizier…), to be used in his own private prayer room. It would occupy the whole room, and the owner person would pray at its center, or sit in meditation. Another explanation is that this carpet is a true depiction of a royal commission mosque. And the people of the town where this