The latest collection titled “Libas”, developed by Iwan Maktabi and BLU (By Yasser Kaaki), explores traditional attire and all folkloric habits and ceremonies linked to it.

Libas offers a window into the culture and habits of the various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
From Hijaz (Jeddah, Taiíf, the Bani Saad tribe…), from Najd (Riyadh, Dariyah, Al Hootah…)

This collection pays homage to Saudi Arabia's rich textile heritage and the undeniable splendor of its traditional garments and accessories.

Saudi Costumes with their headdress, thobe and necklace are an expression of identity, Taking influences from various cultures and geographic regions; Islamic, Indian, Indonesian, Malay and Chinese…

The collection’s mission is to shed light on unknown costumes of Saudi Arabia and celebrate the known ones, as they make up the past, the present and the future of the Kingdom.

Through this collection we aim to preserve costumes that are no longer worn and to celebrate those which remain at the heart of communities.

Each piece in this collection is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of Saudi Arabia's rich cultural heritage

Due to the difficulty in finding reliable sources and scarcity of information, Iwan Maktabi relied on the research and archives of The Mansoojat Foundation to come up with such culturally relevant carpets.


"Libas" is a collection developed by Iwan Maktabi and BLU (By Yasser Kaaki)