"We moved where the wind blew us, where we found sources of
life, where opportunity called, and like the sands, we spread,
became integrated within our societies and flourished."

On the occasion of UAE National Day, we're honored to bring forth the Taghrouda collection. One that is designed by two Emirati sisters, Sheikha and Afra Bin Dhaher.

Focusing on the common histories, landscapes and cultural elements found within the Gulf region, the Taghrouda collection is inspired by the chanted Bedouin poetry that is traditionally composed and recited while travelling through the deserts. The captivating chant not only entertains the riders but also encourages their animals to travel in synchrony.

The designs proposed were created in an antiphonal and improvisational manner, as how the poetry is constructed; where one starts with a poetry "line", prompting the other to respond with a "line" similar in rhyme. Thus, these abstract compositions were created symbolizing the natural landscape, movement and migratory paths of the people within it.

Discover the full collection now available online and in-store in new designs and new colorways!