Iwan Maktabi presents the latest carpet creations by David/Nicolas:

New colorations of David/Nicolas’ Limited Edition Collection: ORIENTATIONS, and unveils the never-seen-before design “ASTROLABE”
New shapes and colorations for cc-tapis’ “Plasterworks” collection for cc-tapis

On the occasion of Dubai Design Week, Iwan Maktabi is proud to showcase new additions to the ORIENTATIONS collection designed by Award winning and highly acclaimed Lebanese duo David/Nicolas
This collection not only offers a stunning array of color options but also reveals the new design added to the collection "ASTROLABE" 

The collaboration between Iwan Maktabi and David/Nicolas was born out of a simple question:

"Why don't they make carpets like this anymore?"

During a visit to Iwan Maktabi's flagship store, the design duo was captivated by the sight of antique Zieglar and Agra carpets. It was the textures, simplicity, elegance, and sheer rarity of these carpets that inspired them.

Through sketches, trials, and errors, the Orientations collection emerged, representing a vast field of hand-carded wool with three-dimensional figures reminiscent of constellations in the night sky. These carpets effortlessly orient you in any direction, guiding you with their design language that seamlessly blends ancient, contemporary, and futuristic elements.

The new colorations offer a range of captivating choices. Whether one prefers rich and bold tones or soft and subtle shades, the collection has diversity at its core.

Iwan Maktabi unveils "ASTROLABE", a new addition to the collection.
This creation showcases the unrivaled creativity and vision of David/Nicolas. "ASTROLABE" invites individuals to embark on a journey of enchantment, with its intricate patterns and captivating motifs that evoke a sense of mystery and wonder.

"This collaboration with David and Nicolas has allowed us to redefine the artistry and innovation of luxury carpets. Each piece from this collection is a testament to our dedication to offering our esteemed clientele exceptional and timeless aesthetics." Says Mohamed Maktabi, CEO and co-founder of Iwan Maktabi

The new carpets from the Orientations collection and the latest “ASTROLABE" design are now available for viewing for the very first time, at Downtown Design Dubai.

Plasterworks is a collection of rugs developed by cc-tapis and designed by David/Nicolas In This collection is inspired by geometric motifs where triangle patterns are spun out into multiple variations that feature soft lines, inventive color combinations and contrasting textures. Starting from hand sketched drawings, each design is translated into ultra-fine hand-knotted rugs made with Himalayan wool and pure silk in the cc-tapis Atelier in Nepal.

NOVEMBER 8 - 11 

Downtown Design Dubai