Customize your own carpet

At Iwan Maktabi, you have the option to select from an extensive range of samples and materials, including our diverse collection of pattern and texture systems. You will also have the freedom to design your own custom creations. Iwan Maktabi's in-house designer is readily available throughout the entire project journey. From initial research to crafting bespoke designs, our lab ensures that your specific requirements are met with utmost care and attention.

Hand-Tufted Carpets (Residential and Contract Use)

Iwan Maktabi’s custom Hand-Tufted Area Rugs are developed and produced for luxurious interior settings for residential, hospitality and commercial markets.
Our hand-tufted method offers limitless capabilities in terms of design, texture, colours, and sizes.

We primarily use the hand-tufted method of construction to create loose-laid area rugs, inset/inlay or wall-to-wall carpets. Most of our finished products contain wool or nylon, but there are a variety of other materials to choose from. Examples of these materials are Wool, Silk, Bamboo Silk, Viscose, and Solution Dyed Nylon.

We can produce large custom widths, adjust pile heights, incorporate texture effects like carving, and offer endless design and color combinations.

Iwan Maktabi's Hand-Tufted Carpets are particularly suited for luxurious environments, frequently specified by designers, architects, and end-users seeking to enhance the beauty and grandeur of their floors.

These carpets are ideal for various settings including hotel lobbies, guest suites, corporate office lobbies, yachts, theaters, high-end villas and more...

Depending on the project requirements and budget, we can modify densities and pile heights to suit the specific setting. The hand-tufted method provides an excellent alternative to hand-knotted rugs, offering a combination of durability and affordability.

Advantages of our Hand-Tufted Carpets include the ability to create custom texture effects such as carving, cut/loop pile, and multiple pile heights. We offer unlimited shapes and sizes, as well as various material options or combinations. Our hand-tufted carpets are considered works of art, adding a unique and distinctive finish to spaces. Unlike mass-produced options, each carpet is carefully crafted by hand. For wall-to-wall installations, custom size lengths and widths can be provided to eliminate undesired seams.

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